Welcome to RJ Travel Media's home page. Hi, I'm Ralph Hajik, Founder and President of RJTravelMedia from the Chicagoland area, a world known photojournalist, videographer, travel media covering special events from around the globe and always on the move. You can contact me by email: RJTravelMedia@yahoo.com. I produce my own travel DVDs using Magix Vegas editing software, DVD Architect Pro along with Sound Forge and New Blue FX. I'm a proud member of CreativeCow.com http://forums.creativecow.net/nabexpo and when I receive important information from Washington D.C. about NAB, I post it on CreativeCow NAB Show for my readers. Also, I'm a member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals). In my line of work I’m always communicating with photographers, videographers, travel program managers and wonderful travelers from around the world.

At RJTravelMedia I have a wonderful staff: Julie Hajik (Vice President and Photojournalist), Carl Hajik (Photojournalist and Actor), Albert Wirth (Photojournalist) and Nora Wirth (Photojournalist and Communications Specialist). Let me take you back years ago on how my business started. My mother, Mary Hajik (Santangelo), bless her soul, had bought me my very first Bell & Howell Super 8 camcorder using S&H green stamps. I have produced, edited and showed my final results while playing music from vinyl records to keep my audience interested. Yes, those were the good old days. Since then I have progressed along with technology, studied in television production, audio and photography making my work flow much easier, faster plus having a great staff.

Since then I came in 1st place for my video work and presentation from General Motors in Detroit, Michigan, was on a photo shoot and photographed the North America Vice President of GM, Customer Care and Aftersales (CCA) while on tour at the Chicago CCA facility. Also, my travel pictures can be seen in Vantage Deluxe World Travel Magazines and have taken 2nd place in a North American photo contest. Since then, my pictures have been published in the Vantage Travel magazines with continued success.

My staff is always updating this site with new pictures and video footage of events from countries around the world of people, places and adventures where we have visited. If you enjoy Christmas cruising, then enjoy the Christmas Holiday Market vacation in Europe on a river boat cruise. You can enjoy a fantastic vacation experience at http://www.vantageadventures.com/ or http://www.vantagetravel.com/. You'll experience through my pictures and video footage what life really is about in other parts of the world. Please browse through my gallery of pictures below by clicking on them and enjoy the lasting memories that we have enjoyed in our travels.

The Chicago Travel and Adventure Show is at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL. This year Febuary 8-9, 2020 is special guest Rich Steves, Samantha Brown and Pauline Frommer. This is a great show so don't missed it and for more information go to http://travelshows.com/shows/chicago/. Our pictures of The Chicago Travel and Adventure Show were spectacular last year. View our pictures of the show and see some of the exhibitors from around the world as they exhibit their tours and beautiful costumes. View our "Chicago Travel and Adventure Show Gallery" below. If you love to travel like we do this is a must see event.

The Chicago Auto Show is February 08-17, 2020. You can view the pictures plus all video of the show in my Chicago Auto Show gallery below.

The NAB Show (National Association of Broadcasters) April 18 thru 22, 2020 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re into broadcasting, film, post production, photography, this is the place to be to meet all the professionals under one roof. For more information go to the NAB web site: http://www.nabshow.com/. This show is not open to the public.
There are over 198,000 attendees this year making NAB a great success. View some of our pictures showing some of the latest cameras and gear along with the shark himself, Daymond John from "Sharks Tank" down below at the NAB Las Vegas gallery.

If you’re in the market for a Buick or GMC vehicle, my preferred dealership is “Woody Buick-GMC” located in Naperville, IL. Woody is known for their professional sales staff and service in the Chicagoland area. When you go into Woody Buick-GMC, just ask for Greg Anderson and say Ralph Hajik sent you. Their web site is http://www.woodybuickgmcnaperville.com.

When you’re in the Chicagoland area you have to see the band "The Remedy". The Remedy plays Rock and Country music and you'll diffidently dance the night away.
Here's more information on "The Remedy":

Yes, you can purchase our pictures through this site. If you’re interested in a customized DVD of your very own travel pictures with royalty free music, special transitions with chapter markers for skipping through the DVD, you need to contact our staff by email. If you have any further questions on purchasing through my site, contact our staff by email listed below. If you want to use our pictures or video footage for commercial use, please contact us by email at the very bottom of this page. Comments are always welcome on any of our galleries. All text, images, graphics, animation, videos, music and other materials on this site are subject to the copyright and other intellectual property rights of ©Ralph Hajik. All materials may not be reproduced, distributed, modified or re-posted to other websites without the express written permission of ©Ralph Hajik.

If you like to join Ralph, Julie, Albert and Nora on any of our upcoming memorable trips, please contact Ralph by email listed under "contact" at the very bottom of this page and contact Vantage Deluxe World Travel 1-888-514-1845 and view their web site at http://www.vantagetravel.com/. Make sure you use our Presidents Club Member Number 3219453 and say you'll be joining us on one of the wonderful, exciting and adventurous trips. That's all you have to do.
As a professional photographer, I'll even help you with your photography when needed. So come travel with us and explore this wonderful world.

"The secret of a life well-lived is not counting the years but in making the years count."
"To travel is to live" by Hans Christen Anderson.
Come on, there's a world to explore. If you have a group of 10 people or more who love to travel and would like to travel with our staff of Professional Photographers with Vantage Travel, send us an email for more details.
Yes, Lasting Memories R 4ever.

Happy and Safe Travels from our Staff at RJTravelMedia
Ralph Hajik – CEO and Founder
Julie Hajik – Vice President and Photojournalist
Carl Hajik - Photojournalist
Albert Wirth - Photojournalist
Nora Wirth – Photojournalist and Communications